Other Loans

In addition to our residential loans, LoanData is able to organise loans for the following : 

Car Loans

car loan can help you get the car you really want. Whether it's a loan for car or a motorbike, give us a call and we'll help you drive away. 

Personal Loans

A Personal Loan usually ranges from between $5,000 and $55,000, with loan terms of one to seven years.

You can use one to get the car you want, consolidate your debts or for something else, like a new motorbike, boat, holiday or reno. 

Leasing and Hire Purchase

Let's say your business needs a new computer system, updated machinery, or it’s time to upgrade your vehicle but you don’t want to use up your capital. You may wish to lease, hire purchase or take a chattel mortgage instead.

Best talk to your accountant first because everyone has a different need but these options can offer you flexibility and convenience and, depending on your circumstances, substantial financial advantages over outright purchasing.

Business & Commercial Loans

When it comes to borrowing for a business, real estate development or to buy a commercial property, we have the people, tools and support ready to make the job easier.