What if I have a complaint or want to say 'Good Job'?

How to give feedback

We value your feedback and wish to deliver the highest possible service standards. We are committed to dealing with problems in a professional and prompt manner. It is only by receiving your feedback that we can continue to refine our processes to ensure we are meeting our clients’ expectations.


If you have experienced exceptional service or would like to compliment one of our consultants, simply email us at admin@loandata.com.au.


If we haven’t lived up to your expectations, please voice your concerns. You can make a complaint by calling Meredith Adam on 0413871169 or emailing us at admin@loandata.com.au. Please ensure you include your full name, the state you reside in and more than one contact number on all emails. 

We will try to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. Where possible, we will write to you detailing our findings and agreed resolution of your complaint within two working days.

If we are unable to resolve the complaint immediately, we will write to you within two working days to:

  • Acknowledge your complaint.
  • Let you know when you can expect a response.
  • We’ll also let you know the name and contact details of the person handling your complaint.
  • Advise you on your right to seek remedy through an external dispute scheme, if the dispute cannot be resolved internally.

If you do not think we have resolved your complaint to your satisfaction, you may take the matter – free of charge – to the relevant External Disputes Resolution Scheme (provided it is within the scheme’s terms of reference) as detailed below.  You may also refer the matter to the relevant External Disputes Resolution Scheme at any time, but if our internal process is still in progress, they may request that our internal processes be complete before considering the matter further.

 Please note, the Credit & Investments Ombudsman normally only consider cases once you have attempted to resolve the issue with us first. If we are unable to resolve the complaint after 45 days we will write to you again detailing the progress of the complaint and by what date we expect to issue a final response. 

·        Telephone:  1800 138 422

·        Online complaint form: http://www.cio.org.au/complaint-resolution/making-a-complaint/

·        Website:  http://www.cio.org.au/

·        Mail:  PO Box A252, Sydney South NSW 1235

·        Fax:  02 9273 8440


Home loan process

We want to make the home loan approval process as easy and straightforward as possible. The steps we take you through are:

  • Find out what you need
  • Loan appointment & complete loan application
  • Assemble application and submit to lender
  • Receive loan decision
  • Loan offer sent to borrower
  • Review sign and return loan offer to lender
  • Loan settlement

Which lenders do you use?

We broker loans for a variety of lenders and have over 25 available to choose from. There's something for nearly everyone. See the about page

Who can access my information?

Click here to download a copy of our privacy policy which details how LoanData treats your personal information.